Cabri 3D tools

These demos show how to use a particular tool. My priority is to create demos for tools which are not as straightforward or which have multiple possibilities. If you do not see a demo given here, open menu Help-Tool Help and then just try using the tool; it may be quite straightforward. If it's not, then please let me know, and I will move it up my priority list.

If you see an icon next to a tool name, click on the icon to open the demo.

NOTE: If you get an Adobe Flash Player Security message stating that Adobe Flash Player has stopped a potentially unsafe operation, just click on OK to continue.

Relative Constructions
Manipulation Point Line Plane Perpendicular
Redefinition Intersection Point(s) Segment Polygon   Parallel
Ray Triangle Perpendicular Bisector
Vector   Half-Plane Bisector Plane
Circle   Sector Midpoint
Arc Cylinder Vector Sum
Conic Cone Cross product
Intersection Curve Sphere   Measurement Transfer


Regular Polygons
Regular Polyhedra
Measurement & Calculation
  Central Symmetry   Equilateral Triangle   Tetrahedron   Regular Tetrahedron   Distance
Half-Turn   Square   XYZ Box   Cube   Length
Reflection   Regular Pentagon   Prism   Regular Octahedron   Area
Translation   Regular Hexagon   Pyramid   Regular Dodecahedron   Volume
Rotation   Regular Octagon   Convex Polyhedron   Regular Icosahedron   Angle
Dilation   Regular Decagon   Open Polyhedron       Dot Product
Inversion   Regular Dodecagon   Cut Polyhedron       Coord.& eqn(s)
    Pentagram           Calculator