Resources for Cabri 3D on the web† (also try Google!)

  1. Cabrilog, where Cabri 3D originated.† Downloadable demo version, large numbers of example files, FLASH tutorials, etc.
  1. Introduction to Cabri 3D via creating the Platonic solids by Kate Mackrell and Eric Bainville.† This is on the website of Chartwell-Yorke, the UK distributor.† There are lots of other links from here.
  1. A Japanese site (in English!) with very good materials and ideas.
  1. A UK site with an introduction to Cabri 3D written by Adrian Oldknow.
  1. Kate Mackrellís website on creating polyhedra and animated figures with Cabri 3D.
  1. Professor Jen-Chung Chuan, a 3D genius from Taiwan.†