Activities with Cabri 3D

Welcome! This site is in the process of being redesigned. It will eventually contain resources both for learning how to use Cabri 3D and also for engaging in a variety of different activities with Cabri 3D.

This URL originally led to my original site on Motion with Cabri 3D: click here to go to this site. Note that some of this is now out of date. Eventually, this will be fully integrated with the new site.

Using this Site

To the right, you should see sets of red and blue dots on a cream background. If you do not, click here for instructions on downloading a necessary (free) plugin.

When you see a picture with a cream background, this is an active Cabri 3D file. If the dots are not moving, click on the picture to start an animation. Right-click and drag to change the view angle.

Many files can be downloaded - but make sure you read the instructions first!


1. Resources - getting started demo, the user manual, where to download Cabri 3D, tool demos, etc.

2. Polyhedra - truncations, fold-ups, stellations, geodesic domes, flexibles, etc.

3. Motion - how to create a variety of different objects in motion

4. Astronomical Modelling

5. Interconnections between Coordinates, Equations and Geometry (temporary - Word document for T^3 conference)

6. The Wonderful World of Cabri An amazing Cabri video made by an Italian middle school teacher, Maria Carla Palmeri - just had to put in a link!


7. Possibilities with Cabri 3D Based on an article for the OAME Gazette, later adapted for ATM's MTI - lots of Cabri files embedded in web pages for use in the classroom

Please send me any comments, requests or files you would like me to display. Contact me.

Kate Mackrell, January 2009